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Star Wars Force Awakens secrets revealed ... it's all a plan by Luke Skywalker



Force Awakens is all about Luke Skywalker, even though he doesn’t actually appear until the last minute and doesn’t say a word. But the first line of the crawl is “Luke Skywalker has disappeared”. The movie is, effectively, all about him. He is the key.

We know that is a given, so perhaps all the (seemingly) random events of Force Awakens are part of Luke’s overall plan. Remember what happened in Return Of The Jedi when Luke tried to break Han out of Jabba’s palace?

There was a seemingly random series of events, some of which could have ended tragically, but it all came together eventually to see Luke and his friends triumphant.

Is this what is happening in the new trilogy?

Let’s look at the evidence.

A mysterious man just “happens” to have the missing piece of the map to Luke’s whereabouts on the same planet where Rey has been left and where the Millennium Falcon is waiting. And Han Solo and Chewie are loitering in the system nearby to save them when they break out.

Sure, that’s could just all be a coincidence …

Then we have R2D2, who is powered down but wakes up at just the “right” moment. Remember, R2D2 was one of only two people who knew Luke’s full plan to take out Jabba.

Who was the other? Lando Calrissian. Strange, perhaps, to trust someone who had just betrayed Han and Leia to Vader but Lando knew what was going on, when even Leia was apparently kept in the dark. (I can’t see her agreeing to Luke’s plan and putting herself in that dodgy bikini for Jabba’s enjoyment).

And where does Lando come into all of this? Well, is he perhaps Finn’s father?

Finn is a mysterious character, who is able to show up at just the right moment to save the day. He displays no apparent mastery of The Force but plenty of skill with blasters and ship lasers. He can appreciate really good flying and has a mix of self-preservation and bravery that sums up Lando pretty well.

We know Luke trusts Lando and it follows that Lando trusts Luke. Was it enough to give up one of his sons and place him into the Stormtrooper program? I think so.

Now, it could be that Finn is just a random character. But I think not. His lack of lightsaber skill and ability with The Force seemingly rules out a relative of Mace Windu. So I’m thinking Lando is his dad. And it means Finn is perfectly placed to help the others out.

Then we come to Rey.

Surely she is either the daughter of Han and Leia (thus Ben/Kylo Ren’s sister) or maybe Luke’s daughter. She has an uncanny ability to fly and massive power within The Force. That’s a big tick either way.

She was obviously placed on Jakku for a reason. Likewise, the map was placed there for a reason. And Leia sends Poe there at exactly the right time? Maybe, or maybe it’s all part of a plan.

Talking of Leia, did she send Han out to die? She tells him to “bring our son home”. She had to have known that Ben/Ren wasn’t going to turn away from a life of evil that easily. But killing your father is a big step, one that will surely return to haunt Ben/Ren. Was that perhaps the first rock that starts the avalanche and propels Ben/Ren back to the light?

Would she sacrifice the love of her life to get back her son? Hell, yes!

Now, obviously we shall find out the answers to these questions, and more, in the next two films.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on those bulletin boards to see who is listed for guest roles in Eps 8 and 9. If Lando’s back, then I reckon I’m right …

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