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How to get a character name that parents will use on their kids, rather than one that sounds like a

Have you ever read a fantasy book and found the names of characters confusing?

Wondered if that world really needed so many consonants, and so few vowels? Has the character angered the God of Names or perhaps been hiding from an orc army when it came time to hand out the good names, or at least the ones that can be pronounced without sounding as though you have a hairball in your throat.

And let's not get started on apostrophes in the middle of names and what that does to the flow of a sentence that needs to denote possession ...

Names can be very tricky for authors. Do you go traditional, or old-fashioned, or just make them up? Do you perhaps try today's fashionable method of sticking bits of two names together and seeing what results (like the bogan twins Jelissa and Messica)?

For every memorable stroke of genius that has parents calling their child Daenarys, you have something like a Ze'qlecker, which sounds as though it's either a tropical disease or should be ordered on prescription to fix a nasty rash.

Anyway, I think I have solved that problem. (Not the rash problem, the one about the names).

My new series with Momentum, The Last Quarrel, features not just traditional Irish names but also the names of readers.

Book 2 in the series, The Bloody Quarrel, will feature no less than five names from readers.

Not only do I get a pool of delightful names to work with, but readers get something that will live on for ever - their name in print.

And how do you get your name in a book? It's easy, just post an intelligent review online and send me the link.

The five smartest reviews walk away with the name, plus your choice of goodie or baddie and if you die a horrible death or not.

It's all part of the service!

This week I shall be revealing the five readers whose names will appear in The Bloody Quarrel and a little about the character (but no spoilers!)

For those who missed out, never fear - I am already writing book three in the trilogy, The Poisoned Quarrel.

Entries are already open ... but if your name is Epponee-Rae, I may have to ban you from entering!

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