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Yes, the competition to have a character named after you in The Bloody Quarrel has closed (sigh).

But the competition to have a character named after you in book 3, The Poisoned Quarrel, is now open (hooray)!

Are you reading The Bloody Quarrel?

Then you can enter this competition and maybe win yourself a prize that money literally cannot buy.

This is a competition with a difference, a truly unique prize that you cannot get anywhere else!

It's also very easy to enter and win.

All you have to do is write and post a review of one ore more of the episodes of The Bloody Quarrel on an online bookseller site.

So this could be iTunes, Amazon, Kobo,  Barnes And Noble or any other online bookseller.

Send me the link to the review, using the contact form on this website, and you are in the running to have a character named after you in the final book of the series, The Poisoned Quarrel. It's that easy!

Remember to add your own email details, so I can contact you and check whether you want your first name, last name or nickname used - and whether you want to be a hero or a villain!

Now, the more reviews you post, the better your chances! Previous winners featured in The Last Quarrel include David Craddock, whose character Craddock will be joining in a fearsome battle at the end of The Last Quarrel and Ely, whose enigmatic character will be met in The Last Quarrel but take a fascinating part in The Bloody Quarrel. If you want to join them, get reviewing and get posting!



Read Ely's review here  (Note, this is on her website as she posted on iTunes)


Read David's Amazon review here




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