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The Last Quarrel by Duncan Lay


After three fantasy trilogies, it's time to change genres.

The tricky publishing landscape in Australia and the lack of bookstores means that fantasy - despite Game Of Thrones being the biggest television series in the world - is not really viable Down Under.

But this gives me the opportunity to try something similar, yet different.

After searching for suitable books for my son, I am writing books for tweens, or pre-teens, aged eight to 13 years. Naturally it will have the humour, action and adventure from my earlier books - just without the bloody violence.  At the moment I have a different take on the Arthurian legend, as well as working on a story about the Roman invasion of Britain.

Once I have more news about either, here will be the place to read about it.

In the meantime, all the previous books are still available. if you want a signed copy of The Last Quarrel, The Bloody Quarrel or The Poisoned Quarrel, you can get in touch with me via the Contact page.  

AND, check out the slider below for the covers for The Poisoned Quarrel eBook editions!

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An engaging, action-packed conclusion to this excellent trilogy, deftly combining intrigue and magic with brilliantly realistic battle scenes

The Daily Telegraph


The writing is exciting, vivid and full of clever twists and devices. Lay has finished his trilogy with an amazingly intricate and well-plotted narrative, full of incident and well-imagined flourishes

Newtown Review Of Books

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